Kodak Black Praises Doja Cat's Rapping Skills

Kodak Black Praises Doja Cat's Rapping Skills
Credit: Source: Breitbart.com

Even though Kodak Black is behind bars on a weapons charge, that doesn't mean he hasn't been able to pay attention to what's been going on in the music scene. In fact, it's been reported that Kodak Black has used his time in prison as a means for working on his new record, "Bill Israel."

Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper used his newfound Jewish faith as a means for creativity. Regardless, Kodak Black is serving out his prison sentence at the moment which he first started in November 2019, but the artist is still keeping his ear to the ground in terms of who is making waves in the business.

For instance, Kodak Black took some time out of his day recently to shower praise on Doja Cat , who continues to establish herself over and over again as one of the biggest up and coming stars, despite her various controversies.

In a new post, Kodak wrote that the "girl Doja Cat can rap." Additionally, Kodak Black shared his thoughts on the new albums between Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. The rapper explained how he was "really feeling" their most recent work.

As it was previously reported, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, both, dropped new records in 2020. Regarding Kodak Black, he has been behind bars ever since he was busted for lying on a gun registration form in Florida.

The rapper's legal problems began in earnest when it was reported that he had been busted trying to travel across the United States - Canada Border with firearms. Not long after, he found himself in the headlines repeatedly for what had been happening to him in prison.

In case you missed it, Kodak and his legal team claimed he was a victim of abusive guards during his stay in a Kentucky prison, an institution known for being one of the most grueling.

The rapper and his lawyer wrote a statement in which they claimed he had been physically abused, embarrassed, and forced to soil himself in front of other people.

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