Kodak Black Poses From Jail And People Believe He Should Remain Incarcerated

Kodak Black Poses From Jail And People Believe He Should Remain Incarcerated
Credit: BET

On Kodak Black's account, there's a photo featuring himself in jail that popped up there. You can check out the picture along with its caption below.

'The Streets Thin Na Cuz Everybody Gettin Hung .. Lawyers Sittin Back Suckin All A Nigga Funds #SG #10TOESDOWN' the photo is captioned.

People don't seem too supportive in the comments, and they bring up the time when he offended Lauren London following the death of Nipsey Hussle.

Somoene said, 'He’s still canceled 🙄🙄. The marathon is continuing without him ✊🏾💙🏁'

Another follower posted: 'He deserves to be there the way he addressed Lauren good ridden.'

One commenter wrote: 'I mean he seems like he's getting along pretty well in there...I haven't smiled that hard on the outside my whole life.'

Somoene else said: 'I’m already knowing this gone be his next album cover & I’m already knowing his music bout to be hard asf 😂'

A follower seemed more understanding and said: 'I just want him to learn and make it. It’s hard being young and rich while navigating a social media life. People make mistakes, yo.'

After Kodak was arrested for violations of federal firearms laws, he was reportedly scheduled to have his trial in September this year.

However, the rapper will have to remain in jail for the entire duration , as authorities have deemed him a high risk for public safety.

Black has reportedly attempted to file for bail but was denied.


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