Kobe Bryant's Wife Vanessa Reminds Everyone They Are Rich In A Loving Video After He Did This On Thanksgiving

Kobe Bryant's Wife Vanessa Reminds Everyone They Are Rich In A Loving Video After He Did This On Thanksgiving
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It looks like Kobe Bryant will do anything to keep his wife, Vanessa Bryant, happy.

The mom of two recently shared a video that has fans saying "this is what it is like to be super rich."

Vanessa revealed that her Thanksgiving meal was almost ruined, but the former basketball star swooshed in to save the day.

Vanessa said when she arrived at her destination with her family; she realized that she forgot the candied yams back at her Los Angeles mansion.

Kobe flew back via his private helicopter to get his wife's special yams.

Vanessa explained: "I forgot to bring the candied yams I made and Kob and Natalia flew back home to get them. ?” Do it for the yams”...???❤️?#Thanksgiving."

One fan reacted to the story by saying: "His apologies cost $4M so relatively speaking - oh, never mind...You know you rich asf when you can just FLY back to pick up something you left, and the crib like you was just around the corner I know all of you have three beautiful girls already, but all of you were trying to adopt a 4th? @kobebryant @vanessabryant #askingformyself."

Another commenter stated: "Now if she forgot the mac and cheese I could understand flying back home, but for some candied yams? I mean y’all could have just gone to the store and made some more, but okay go off ??? I’m poor ???He used the chopper to fly to and from practice lol that’s his way of combatting LA trafficKobe off his “happy wife happy life” lol."

This supporter shared: "Kobe would take the chopper to all of the home Laker games because of the traffic from his house in orange county to downtown LA. All my Cali ppl know this. Must have been the only good batch she made. Kobe didn't have it. I wanna be this rich."

A fourth follower stated: "You spent all that money on two plane tickets Just to go back for a damn pan of candied yams. Couldn't have just remade them...? Meanwhile, I wouldn’t turn back around if I was on the highway. Waste of gas ?Even if I had a private jet I’m not flying back home."

Kobe is real gentleman.

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