Kobe Bryant's 1963 Customized Chevy Impala Goes Up For Sale

Kobe Bryant's 1963 Customized Chevy Impala Goes Up For Sale
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It didn't take long for fans of Kobe Bryant to begin looking for merchandise and memorabilia related to him following his death approximately one year ago. Fans of the legendary basketball player know that he died in a helicopter crash along with his young daughter and 7 other people.

The crash took the sports and entertainment world by storm, considering Bryant was a legend both on and off the court. The NBA player not only had a great reputation as an athlete, but he was also considered as a role model to many despite the controversial rape case that plagued him in the early 2000s. The charges were all dropped due to the victim's refusal to participate.

While merch connected to the NBA player was always worth good money, it wasn't until after his death that collectors began being able to sell it for thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reportedly, one of the basketball player's cars is now up for sale. A report from TMZ says Goldin Auctions got their hands on a 1963 Chevy Impala previously owned by Bryant and was customized by West Coast Customs in 2006.

The player's car was heavily modified by the custom shop and he later gave it to his wife, Vanessa, for her Christmas present. And in 2013, he gave it up and it was then sold by Barrett-Jackson. According to The Post, Bryant's car has already been up for sale once and it had a high price-tag of around six-figures.

Although, some analysts have stated the number is quite low considering the age of the car and its status as a classic, as well as the fact it has been heavily customized and was even owned by the legendary NBA player.

TMZ reported earlier this year that it was going for just $250,000. As most know, Bryant has continued to be in the headlines following his death at the start of 2020. The NBA player's wife, Vanessa, is now in the middle of a legal battle with her own mother after she claimed that Vanessa and Kobe had stiffed her out of money.


Vanessa, on the other hand, says she was a stay-at-home mother and her mom never took after the kids to the extent which she had claimed. Moreover, Bryant says she and Kobe bought her a house.

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