Kobe Bryant And Wife Vanessa Announce Pregnancy: Is She Having A Boy?

Kobe Bryant And Wife Vanessa Announce Pregnancy: Is She Having A Boy?
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2019 is bringing a new baby for Kobe Bryant, and many are wondering if he is finally having a son. Both Kobe and his wife, Vanessa, took to social media to announce the extra sweet news to their fans.

The retired basketball star shared a message on Instagram telling the world that his fourth child due later this year will be another girl.The duo is already parents to three beautiful daughters -- Natalia, 15, Gianna, 12, and Bianka, 2.

Many fans are sad that Kobe does not have a son yet, but in a past interview, he made it clear that he is happy with his princesses.

He told Extra : “I hear boys are just walking tornadoes. We’ll see. I think Vanessa wants a boy more than I do. My friends say, ‘It takes a real man to make a boy. I’m like, ‘Dude; it takes a king to make a princess … get in line!'”

One fan replied: "Your children are so humble. The way they dress with such modest style and class is hard to see in today's world. You have done such a beautiful job. Why does everyone assume she’s devastated that’s it’s a girl? Many women can not even have children. This is a blessing."

Another commenter wrote: "No wonder Kobe turned his comments off, I mean it’s still exciting to have a new child, but there’s nothing like having a boy to carry on your legacy... I would be thankful, but I’m not going to lie it would be eating me up inside lol. Kobe needs to go on down to the fertility center and make him a boy scientifically because leaving it up to god is going to get him, seven girls, lmao."

This supporter explained: "Everybody want Kobe to have a boy so he can play ball. But y'all forget his daughter gigi is a baller. That's Lil Kobe right there. Plus he’s always said that he preferred to only have girls. I’m sure most people think he really wants a son, but I don’t think he wants our son to ever have to feel the pressure of being the next Kobe. ?"

A fourth follower stated: "I love this! It’s so amazing how much growth you have as a woman and a couple — such a long history and literally all the ups and downs. You are a strong woman and an amazing mother. Those girls have an incredible role model. I admire all of it! Congratulations!"

Congrats to the happy couple.

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