Kit Harington Believes They Wrapped Up Game Of Thrones Perfectly

Kit Harington Believes They Wrapped Up Game Of Thrones Perfectly
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Kit Harington, most known for portraying Jon Snow on HBO's Game Of Thrones , revealed that he thinks the final episodes of the show will break "boundaries" in an all-important way. According to a report from Pop Sugar, the actor appeared on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show and revealed his thoughts on the finale of HBO's infamous TV series.

Fans of Game Of Thrones, arguably HBO's most popular production ever, have been beyond excited at the news of the final installment's release date, mostly due to the prospect of answered questions and tied up loose ends from the preceding season.

With that said, however, a few actors are sad they're finally wrapping up the show because they've worked on it for a long time, and things have been quite amazing. Kit Harington said he wasn't "happy" at all to say goodbye to Game Of Thrones, but he's satisfied with how they ended it.

On Tuesday, January 15th, the star said to the podcast's host that when one finishes a great book, they're not that happy about it, just because the great experience has finally come to a close. He added, "and it's the exact same with nine years doing this show."

According to Kit, no matter how the show has ended, there's that feeling like it's finally gone. It's a feeling of loss, regardless of how well things have been tied up in the finale. The host, Zoe, tried to get more information from the actor but he managed to keep it on the down low for the most part.

Harington responded to the host by saying he wasn't happy to say "goodbye" to the series, but he was "very satisfied" with how the writers managed to wrap things up. He said he's hopeful the production will break boundaries once again with its conclusion.

Furthermore, the actor said it's been a strange experience for the cast and crew, as they have full knowledge of how the series ends, and they have a hard time not talking about it. Last season, it was revealed that Jon was not the illegitimate son of Ned Stark.

Based on George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire franchise, the last season features six episodes and each one is over 60 minutes long. Each installment is a movie in its own right. Previously, it was revealed by a few outlets that Game Of Thrones had to come to a close due to the high production cost on account of all the CGI, as well as the actors' salaries.

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