Kirsten Dunst Doesn't Know Why Kanye West Included Her In Recent Presidential Campaign Art

Kirsten Dunst Doesn't Know Why Kanye West Included Her In Recent Presidential Campaign Art
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Page Six picked up on a social media post from Kirsten Dunst this week in which she explained her thoughts toward Kanye West including her face as part of his latest presidential campaign art.

This Wednesday, Kanye shared a picture on his Twitter account featuring approximately a dozen faces, including that of Kirsten and Anna Wintour. The 38-year-old wrote in response to Kanye's tweet, "What's the message here, and why am I a part of it?"

A representative for the actress spoke with Page Six this week and said that they didn't give permission for the rapper to use her face in the collage. A spokesperson for Vogue, as well, wrote that Anna has been a supporter of the Democratic Party for years, and she is committed to Joe and Kamala's campaign.

As most know, not everyone has been a fan of Kanye West lately, including D.L. Hughley, who recently put the rapper on blast. Hughley accused Kanye of always acting "crazy" whenever he had a brand new project coming out.

Put simply, Hughley appeared to insinuate that Kanye was merely a master manipulator and understands how to generate press and attention for his upcoming projects. Moreover, Hughley and others have mocked Kanye's presidential run which he revealed in July of this year.

Kanye is running with his aptly titled, " Birthday Party ," even though he has missed a number of important deadlines this year. Reportedly, Kanye is on the ballot in just three states but was kicked out of the Illinois ballot due to supposedly fraudulent signatures.

This past week, the controversial rapper showed off his merchandise in support of his campaign this year, including a hat, a t-shirt, and more. Mr. West has also created a website for his campaign, Kanye 2020 , which includes part of his platform.


Ever since Kanye announced his intention to run, the rapper has continuously been in the headlines for his social media posting. The Yeezy artist put his own family on blast for trying to "lock him up," among other supposed transgressions.

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