Kirk Frost's Video Featuring Rasheeda Frost and Their Son, Karter, Snacking Late Has Fans In Awe

Kirk Frost's Video Featuring Rasheeda Frost and Their Son, Karter, Snacking Late Has Fans In Awe
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Kirk Frost shared a funny video on his social media account. He filmed Rasheeda Frost and their son, Karter, having a snack late in the evening. Check out the clip below.

Kirk was making fun of Rasheeda snacking so late and desperately trying to hide her braids from the camera.

'@rasheeda Snacking This late and why are you trying to hide your braids, 😎😂' Kirk said.

A commenter exclaimed: 'lol !! Y’all are hilarious,' and someone else posted this message: 'Well, if you were doing your late-night eating, she wouldn’t be cooking🤷🏻‍♀️'

Someone else posted this: 'Cause Karter was eating too😂' and a commenter said: 'Karter said dang Ma, daddy a hater 😂😂 karter trying to get his snack on too.'

One follower wrote: 'Late-night snacks are the best snacks in the world. I try not to do them, but every now and then, I got to have a couple of pancakes, and some bacon sounds good don’t hate on her.'

Another follower posted this message: '@frost117 tell @rasheeda I remember she came pointe south middle school and signed the posters when she had on all yellow on the posters in like 2000-2001.'

Fans were laughing in the comments like there's no tomorrow.

In other news, Kirk Frost  and  Rasheeda Frost  recently celebrated the birthday of their son, Ky Frost. The family had a birthday dinner, and both Rasheeda and Kirk posted messages for their son to mark this important event.

Check out the sweet photo that Kirk posted featuring Rasheeda.

Also, a few days ago, Kirk Fost celebrated his son,  Ky Frost ‘s 20th anniversary.  Check out the video  that he posted on his social media account.

Kirk and Rasheeda are living their best lives together, and their diehard fans are really happy to see the couple moving on and being stronger than ever.

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