Kirk Frost Shares Picture Of Rasheeda Frost Looking 'Breathtakingly Beautiful' As He And Bambi Benson Beg Her To Go To Bed

Kirk Frost Shares Picture Of Rasheeda Frost Looking 'Breathtakingly Beautiful' As He And Bambi Benson Beg Her To Go To Bed
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Boss Lady, Rasheeda Frost is a very busy woman, mom, wife, and businessperson who has little time to sleep.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star has two stores to run along with a hair company -- which is why she naps whenever and wherever it is possible, and Kirk Frost is tired of it.

In a sweet picture posted by Kirk; Rasheeda, wearing a face full of makeup, is dozing off while sitting in her kitchen.

The concerned husband used the caption to beg her to come to bed, and her good friend Bambi Benson agrees that she needs to rest. Kirk wrote: "Take yo a$s to bed 😆 You standing up sleep. 😆"

Bambi added: "This woman naps anywhere😭."

One fan said she is beautiful even when she is sleeping: "She still pretty tho. She is breathtakingly beautiful.know you lucky to still have this woman PERIODT."

Another supporter claimed: "She trying to keep that look together for tomorrow. Who does her makeup? It is bomb."

In a recent interview, Rasheeda explained how she became the queen of multitasking: "Many women ask me how I balance all of the things that I do it. And it’s really about staying driven and being flexible. There isn’t one right path to be successful. But, it definitely comes from personal motivation, drive and being ok with not knowing the answers. You also can’t let others discourage you. We live in a time where people are always trying to knock your hustle or take you out of the game by trying to be your competition. Even if you’re doing something that someone else is doing, figure out a way to do it your own way, a better way. Find your niche and grow from there."

She added: "Building the right team is one of the hardest parts of running a business. But it’s trial and error. My mother, my aunt, and my stepdaughter help me tremendously, And then there’s my partner, Kirk. We have a lot of things that go on with us personally but, on the business side of things, he executes extremely well, and we work very well together as a team. And that goes way back to the beginning, from the music to the businesses we have now."

Rasheeda cannot stop chasing her paper.

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