Kirk Frost Reconciles With Wife Rasheeda In Touching Video As He Says Goodbye To Mom Gloria

Kirk Frost Reconciles With Wife Rasheeda In Touching Video As He Says Goodbye To Mom Gloria
Credit: Instagram

Boss Chick Rasheeda Frost is standing by Kirk, and some of her fans are bashing her for that surprising decision.

Earlier today, Kirk and his entire family including his sons -- Ky and Karter -- told Gloria a final goodbye. Just days before Kirk's birthday, his mother, Gloria, passed away.

Via Instagram, Rasheeda shared a video where she is holding her husband's hand and being the shoulder to lean on at his mom's funeral.

Kirk also unveiled a few photos showing that Rasheeda was indeed the person comforting him during this difficult time.

Rasheeda captioned the video: "Our final goodbyes to Gloria Frost may she Rest In Paradise @frost117 she is free now to watch over us all she will be deeply missed. #rip."

The rapper told his mother in an emotional post that read: "Never thought that today would start out like this #rip mom I love you so much and don’t know how my life is going to be without you don’t know how to tell Karter his grandma is in heaven now he loves you much.We just talk to you two days ago and ask when you coming back to see us and you said in may...I’m lost for words it just four days away from my birthday, and you left us.I am so hurt #rip mom."

A fan was quick to remind Rasheeda that Kirk cheated on her with Jasmine Washington and she is foolish and naive to take him back.

The person shared: "Kirk and his ride or dummy. If she had a connection with her she could visit her grave alone but being there with him hand by hand shows vulnerability hunny a simple phone call is enough "sorry for ur loss" letting them know "I feel what u are going thru" n end it there I'm speaking from experience baby next thing u know he is calling her Every time he feels down ... How can she move on then? Smh if anyone sounds dumb sweetie it's u ... Wanna be naive fine but this lady been thru way to much with this man on National TV to sit here and make herself look like a fool still regardless of who's dead."

A supporter defended Rasheeda's kindness by writing: "Condolences to you and your family, Rasheeda will have your back she is an awesome, amazing, supportive, great, understanding Black Queen. I love how Rasheeda stands by her family side no matter what! Kirk needs you baby, and you need him. Love one another this a hard time for all of you! God Bless you and your Family and Jesus Christ Name Amen."

Do you think they are back together?

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  • Fatimah Islam
    Fatimah Islam Feb 13, 2018 1:13 AM PST

    First and foremost! My condolences to the Frost family. & 2 RASHEEDAH! Sweetie! Do not let SOCIETY corrupt your thoughts of what n how u should live your life nor DICTATE what's right or wrong when it comes to your FAMILY in any situation that occurs. On JUDGEMENT DAY only U will stand before God, not SOCIETY or SOCIETY FEELINGS about the decisions u make ok! TAKE CARE & GOD BLESSED! ???

  • Nee
    Nee Feb 7, 2018 10:54 PM PST

    People are so quick to throw stones they are still maried0 and she will be blessed gor her acts of kindness

  • Debra H
    Debra H Feb 7, 2018 4:09 PM PST

    Rasheeda made a very beautiful decision. No matter how mad you are, I shows great love to be able to support someone who has hurt you.

  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Feb 7, 2018 9:40 AM PST

    If she stood by her man in his time of need then that is her business. So what he cheated on her for the whole world to see at the end of the day two wrongs don't make a right.Ladies the wife always comes first when r u going to get that? I respect her for being a bigger person the future of their relationship is for them to figure out.

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