Kirk Frost, Rasheeda And The Whole Family Celebrate His Firstborn's Birthday

Kirk Frost, Rasheeda And The Whole Family Celebrate His Firstborn's Birthday
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Kirk Frost celebrated the birthday of his firstborn, and he wanted to mark the event on his social media account. The whole family was there, and they made sure to film the important moment.

'Happy birthday to my firstborn @youngfrost1000 💜 ya & wishing you many more 💪🏾💪🏾' Kirk captioned the video.

Someone commented: 'I love the cake 🍰. What’s the name of the bakery? I need to order one.'

Another follower said: 'Happy birthday lil Kirk💯, my son Olanda wishes u many more to come, he says. 🥳 no cap.'

One other fan posted: 'Happy Birthday young frost and many more!' and a person wrote this: 'If he doesn’t look just like his dam daddy lol ayeee happy birthday @frost117 @rasheeda.'

Rasheeda Frost can also be seen in the video, and the party seems to be held at the Frost Bistro.

Speaking about the venue, this is a dream come true, a project on which both Kirk and Rasheeda have been working for a really long time.

After everything was done, they proudly presented it to their friends, and then they opened it for the public as well.

People who have already been there kept praising the design and also the great food that they are serving.

In other news, Kirk recently posted a couple of new pics in which he’s together with Rasheeda.

They are at the Frost Bistro, and the couple could not be prouder of this dream come true.

Fans are praising these two in the comments, and they appreciate the fact that they are still together after all that they have been through.

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