Kirk Frost Makes Fans Happy With Footage From Rasheeda Frost's Birthday Bash - People Slam The Couple

Kirk Frost Makes Fans Happy With Footage From Rasheeda Frost's Birthday Bash - People Slam The Couple
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Rasheeda Frost recently celebrated her birthday, and Kirk Frost just shared new footage from the Frost Bistro where the family had a little get together. Check out the footage below.

A lot of people in the comments were outraged because there was no social distancing taking place at the bistro, and people were not wearing any masks.

A follower said: 'I’m so sad right now because I love Rasheeda but the COVID 19 is far from over! The numbers have not gone down but gone exceptionally high I dream of coming back to ATL just to see and eat there but not now smh when it’s safe ,,, lord.'

One other Instagrammer said: 'No mask, not social distancing, the infection numbers have NOT gone down. Do NOT be taken by Gov Kemp’s inability to read virus data in chronological order. This is a recipe for CONTINUING to spreading COVID-19....🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️'

Someone else also said: 'People just dont listen, until they end up on a Respirator.'

Another disappointed follower wrote this: 'Nothing n this video says social distancing. No mask r being worn ppl close 2gthr not 6ft apart so 13 ft is a stretch. All about the $$$$ and the cust all about being out and being seen. SMMFH. do better ppl. Or u will b in the second lockdown.'

Someone else said: 'No mask 😷 omg people I thought you guys said you weren’t opening up wit the city what happened???' and another follower posted this: 'Happy Belated Birthday @rasheeda. Enjoy It Dont Let Anybody Ruin It I Love You.'

One other commenter wrote: 'These are grown ppl doing just what they want to do!!'

Anyway, Rasheeda celebrated her birthday with loved ones, and she also made sure to keep her fans updated on social media.

You should check out the video in which she’s dancing with her BFF and having a great time with her friends.

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