Kirk Frost And Rasheeda Frost Address The Dangers Of 5G In This Video

Kirk Frost And Rasheeda Frost Address The Dangers Of 5G In This Video
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Kirk Frost shared a video that he filmed together with Rasheeda Frost at home in which they are explaining to people the dangers of 5G. Some followers agree, but others believe that this is just gibberish.

'We Just been keeping our phones on airplane mode while we at home all calls text & etc still come through like regular long as you have your wifi on & you won’t be running 5G why not try it to be safe! FYI,' Kirk captioned his video.

A follower said: 'We were just talking about that... so r u saying I should connect to wifi instead of cellular,' and a fan asked: 'Did he say while you sleeping you got your wife phone your girl phone and your phone on one side of the bed 🤔🧐👀 or am I overthinking like a Taurus.'

Someone else is not that paranoid and said: 'If you are concerned about the "alleged 5G" radiation waves it is in the air around us when you go outside or inside it comes through everything even your smart TVs and your new upgraded electrical appliances, tablets, calorie tracking watches, AirPods, Bluetooth devices it can not be avoided if this 5G rumor is to be the truth.'

One other follower said: 'Ok it's clear Staying in the house will entertain the use of Wifi with less phone data. And it makes sense why when Spectrum hooked up my internet it was already 2G and they just automatically added 5G.'

A fan hopped in the comments section and said: 'That probably explains all the constant headaches I have been having sleep next to it.'

In other news, Rasheeda made her fans happy not too long ago with a funny video.

She was having the best time with her family while social distancing. She was at the pool with her kids, and Kirk Frost, who pushes her in the water and fans, are here for these family moments.

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