Kirk Cameron Called A Real 'Growing Pain' As The Rebel Christian Defies CDC Guidelines And Holds Maskless Christmas Carol COVID Protests

Kirk Cameron Called A Real 'Growing Pain' As The Rebel Christian Defies CDC Guidelines And Holds Maskless Christmas Carol COVID Protests
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As the month of December proves to be the deadliest in the United States since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, there is one actor who is protesting stay-at-home orders and staging peaceful (but possibly deadly) protests — Kirk Cameron . Joining forces with the group Sing It Louder USA, Kirk has been engaging in outdoor Christmas caroling protests that defy CDC guidelines, and the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom's orders.

California has the most COVID-19 cases in total of any U.S. state with a whopping 2,029,520 to date. Of those cases, there have been 23,755 deaths. With more than 1,195,118 active COVID-19 cases as of Christmas Eve, California, and quite specifically Los Angeles has become the epicenter for the virus. Christmas Eve alone saw 117 deaths in the state and many people fear the worst is yet to come.

Now, people across social media platforms are calling Kirk Cameron, who starred on the sitcom Growing Pains as a teenager, a real 'growing pain' and they want him to stop the maskless, large gathering protests that some fear are super spreaders.

Cameron is an outspoken Christian and there is no question this is a religious matter to him. His social media is full of videos where the 50-year-old explains why he has a God-given and constitutional right to gather with hundreds of people during a pandemic to sing Christmas carols without a face mask on.

You may see a CBS Los Angeles news report about Kirk Cameron and the Sing-a-Long protests below.

Kirk Cameron's polarizing posts are being praised by those who believe the virus isn't real or no big deal and decried by those who say Kirk's behavior is irresponsible and puts his fans at risk.

One person left this remark.

Sorry but this is NOT okay! It’s our community and to do it just around the corner from a hospital that has 0 ICU beds now.......

Someone who supported the protest stated this.

Love this!!! God bless America!!! God bless you all!!! May He strengthen you and protect you by His mighty hand 🇺🇸🙏🏼❤️🙏🏾 🇺🇸

What do you think? Do you support what Kirk Cameron is doing or do you think he is endangering people's lives?


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