Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Getting Help To Save Marriage Amid Jasmine Washington Baby Drama

Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Getting Help To Save Marriage Amid Jasmine Washington Baby Drama
Credit: Enstarz

Kirk Frost and his estranged wife, Rasheeda, are looking for a way to save their marriage.

Unable to resolve some of their heartbreaking issues on their own, the stars of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" stars have turned to relationship experts for help.

The duo is seeing a therapist to mend their very broken romance.

A family friend said Rasheeda is devastated by the scandal that Jasmine Washington caused.

Washington, the resident stripper of the VH1 series, had an affair with Kirk and claimed that he is the father of her one-year-old son, Kannon.

The Boss Chick inspired by other couples, who have managed to salvage their relationship, wants to forgive her cheating man.

However, she is having a tough time erasing the fact that Kirk laid with another woman and is hoping that a dozen of couple counseling sessions will help her take him back.

A family friend shared: “Rasheeda and Kirk are in couples counseling, and it is amazing how much it is helping. They are going very deep, and Rasheeda says she is actually starting to understand Kirk better and why he does the crazy things that he does.”

The source went on to say that if Rasheeda does find a way to forgive Kirk, she will not forget the pain and embarrassment he caused her and their two children.

In a recent interview, the femcee broke down while explaining: “He is not off the hook, but it is easier for her to find forgiveness for him. Not only did you hurt me, but you also broke me! I would not wish this on nobody. At the end of the day…it’s like when you are in a marriage, in a commitment. I grew up with this man, and he has hurt me. And it is crazy because he is also helped me grow to become the woman I am today. But when you hurt somebody, and you dismantle a bond, that is the hardest thing to get over.”

Along with the professionals, Kirk has turned to his children to help reconquer the love of his life.

A person with links to the former rapper recently shared: “Kirk had got four older kids, from before he was with Rasheeda, but they all see her as a family, and they are just as upset about this split as their dad is.His daughter Kelsie is close with Rasheeda, and Kirk’s got her trying to change Rasheeda’s mind.”

According to several reports, Kirk has finally taken a paternity test, and the results may be made public over the weekend.


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  • JP
    JP Aug 5, 2017 8:54 AM PDT

    This is ridiculous... If she takes him back we all been scammed again by them. No sane self-respecting person would take back a multiple cheater...a cheater who chooses to not wear a condom like Usher. Thats disgusting and dangerous. Shows no regard for Rasheedas health. Women saying its her life, if she wants to take back for the kids is OK, etc... Its what's wrong with the world...allowing men to treat you like trash repeatedly only allows that person to feel at ease to do it again which Kirk has. Kids deserve a calm loving environment not screaming and hollering. Who in their right mind thinks thats a healthy way to raise kids. Divorcing and parenting jointly works. Their kids will be fine. If Rasheeda takes him back we can safely say this crying and (non crying by Kirk) was all for show. Rasheedas mom is the only sensible person in her life and I hope she warns Rasheeda.

  • Pat
    Pat Aug 5, 2017 6:09 AM PDT

    I hope I'm wrong, but I think Rasheeda is setting herself up for more heartbreak.

  • Darcus
    Darcus Aug 5, 2017 4:52 AM PDT

    Life is a ride, and soon as it starts the faster it could also be over. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way to find an easier way. (Doors can close; and new avenues will also open up for all) I think these two will make it. Bosses haft to 4give.public domain can be a b**ch. Darcusxoxo

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