Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Are Returning To 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' With Jasmine Washington Amid Reconciliation Reports

Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Are Returning To 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' With Jasmine Washington Amid Reconciliation Reports
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Believe it or not, Rasheeda Frost will be on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7, and she will be bringing the drama, the twists and turns because her worst nightmare, Jasmine Washington, is also coming back.

Over the weekend, rumors started swirling around claiming not only did Kirk Frost and his wife reconcile; they have both agreed to return to the reality show.

The business owners and rappers were seen holding hands at his birthday party, during trips to New York and Texas where they opened a new fancy boutique.

The estranged couple was also very cozy with each other as they said goodbye to Kirk's beloved mother, Gloria.

Now it is being claimed that they will be on the VH1 series where fans will follow their divorce, their attempt to reconcile, and of course, the darn paternity test that is driving fans crazy.

In season 6 of the show, the resident stripper -- Miss Washington -- revealed she had an affair with Kirk which led to the birth of Kannon.

Kirk has cleverly found every excuse under the sun to dodge the paternity test, and many are wondering, will he march on with that same storyline when the series returns to TV?

The news tears fans.

One confessed on social media: "You are too good for him he looks like a dog on tv not a nice guy at all. Personality wise he is probably the worst of them his selfishness is astounding on the show. That being said if it’s all just for entertainment purposes then I take it back. Finally, it's not right that this girl had to take all the responsibility for her self I mean she didn’t do right messing with a married man, but everyone makes a mistake, and she looks like a great mom to her son."

Another shared a wild theory: "What we do know is the paternity suit was dropped. And that means one of three things...1) It's his and he is paying her under the table to hush 2) It is not his and she knows it and wants to walk away quietly. 3) She is preparing for the next season of L&HH where her and Rasheda are going to live together and raise their children together without Kirk! LolHe is cute, but he doesn't look like Kirk."

A third commenter called Washington a liar and added: "It can’t be rods cuz he was in jail when she became pregnant that is what they officially claim... he could have been on day-release maybe? I'm confused lol cuz the boy really looks a lot like him. Anyway, I hope Kannon is taken good care of. He's a blessing no matter what."

Is Kirk the father or not? Will you be watching the new season?


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  • donna
    donna Feb 11, 2018 10:01 AM PST

    I'm sorry, but Rasheeda & Kirk needs the money & a storyline. I lost respect for her when she allowed her baby to be used like that for a storyline.

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