King Von's Nephew Makes Heartbreaking Comment Following The Rapper's Death

King Von's Nephew Makes Heartbreaking Comment Following The Rapper's Death
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On social media this week, King Von 's little nephew could be heard saying that he missed his uncle and that someone did "something bad" to him. You can see what the rapper's little cousin had to say about his death in the Instagram clip below:

As most know, the death of the 26-year-old rapper earlier this month has taken the hip-hop community by storm. It was reported just a few weeks ago that King Von and his friends were outside of a hookah lounge in Georgia when fighting and gunfire erupted.

Several men were badly injured and a few of them were killed, including the 26-year-old rapper. It's been a tough month for the community, considering the loss of a few other members as well including Mo3, who was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas.

Coincidentally, Boosie Badazz, a close friend and collaborator of the slain artist, was shot at when he went down to Dallas to pay tribute to Mo3. Boosie had to go to the hospital after he was injured in the shooting.

This prompted the rapper to come out and say that being a hip-hop artist was easily one of the most dangerous jobs a person could have . Boosie claimed he would be taking a step back from the industry in the coming months because of what has happened.

During a conversation with Vlad from VladTV, Boosie explained how dangerous it was for rappers to go to nightclub events for which they have been paid large amounts of money to be there. Boosie claimed it was probably one of the most dangerous situations for someone to be in.

Badazz suggested the amount of fame, money, and fortune that is associated with the rapper is directly related to how dangerous such an event actually is. Being a rapper was dangerous for not only the violence within the communities, Boosie remarked, but also by the hands of the police as well.


Regarding King Von, Boosie insinuated that his death was almost like an act of war. Other performing artists such as Asian Doll, who also happened to be his ex-girlfriend, have continued to pay respects to him since he died.

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