Kimora Lee Simmons Is Twinning With Daughter Ming In Lovely Photo Without Makeup And Fans Are Confused

Kimora Lee Simmons Is Twinning With Daughter Ming In Lovely Photo Without Makeup And Fans Are Confused
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Kimora Lee Simmons is twinning with her stunning model daughter, Ming Lee Simmons, and fans are somewhat confused.

The pair showed off their natural beauty in a cute no-makeup selfie during a car ride.

Fans are going wild over the photo because the businesswoman looks so young that she can pass for Ming's sister.

Some supporters are obsessed over Ming's natural luscious lips and applauding the fact that Kimora is not like Kris Jenner and is determined for her daughters not to have plastic surgery.

One fan told the ladies: "Girl them lips is a wall out ain't they dim black Mendon Road at s*** completely Raw. People accusing Ming of getting work done must not know how Kimora gets down. She isn't no Kris Jenner. Beautiful Ladies, You’ve Done Well Kimora Lee Simmons ...Gorgeousness ❤️😘🤗.She gave birth to herself first."

Another commenter explained that Kimora gave birth to herself: "Basically the same person Literally muva’s twin. Man time flies remember teaching y’all the dance routine on “Life in the Fab Lane” Flashmob 😆😆😆😍😍. Omg everyone used to call her ming when she was little 😭😂 this is too funny lol. if I moisturize my face that makes me look better and makes me glowy but that isn't makeup, the term anything is too broad."

This person revealed she is confused because the mother/daughter duo looks so much alike: "Your pure twin. Good gracious how you do that there? I guess at least one child has to look exactly like you so parents will not be jealous. I can't get over how much you and she look alike. Some women go have surgery to have Lips like yours. #This is what natural lips look like.The back ponytail tho. With the edges fleeky, and sleeky😍."

This supporter claimed mama Kimora is a very stunning woman and she raised her daughter well. The fan stated: "Beauty😍was her name & momma Kimora new the game fashion💃🏽💄👠👜🛍is wut she duz & minglee has lips💋that ppl pay💰4 just bcuz mother & daughter twinning😘😘means in this life🙌🏼u must be winning💞good Gene's not everybody has them May God continue 2 bless u & you're wonderful.🙏🏽"

Kimora can be proud of what she has accomplished with her children.

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