Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Ariana Biermann Insists Her Huge Pout Is All Natural

Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Ariana Biermann Insists Her Huge Pout Is All Natural
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There is no secret that Kim Zolciak’s beauty is not exactly natural and her daughters are very similar looking to their mother. That being said, 16-year-old Ariana’s lips seem way poutier than usual which makes her resemble her mom even more.

However, the teen is claiming that she hasn’t done anything to change her appearance. Is it true?

As fans are aware, Kim as well as her older daughter Brielle, 21, have opened up before about getting lip injections before.

In Ariana’s case, however, there’s only been speculations that she followed in their footsteps, but the girl is insisting that is not the case at all!

Whether it’s her genetics or skillfully applied makeup, the thing the teen wants you to understand is that her lips are not a result of cosmetic procedures.

‘Yes I’m wearing a shirt and no I didn’t get my lips done,’ she captioned a new pic.

It sounds like Ariana knows about all of the rumors that have been going around especially after her mom shared a pic of her with her daughters last month.

The selfie featured Kim, Brielle and Ariana looking like triplets!

Many people just assumed that if the mother and one of the daughters’ big lips are a result of injections, the same thing should probably apply to Ariana as well.

Who knows? Maybe the 16-year-old will admit it at some point just like her older sibling did.

Brielle previously took to social media to thank the specialist who worked on her lips, saying: ‘My lips are my biggest insecurity and I’m so happy with my results now! You truly are the best! even though I hate needles, you made this very easy.’

Do you think Ariana is telling the truth or not?


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