Kim Zolciak's 6-Year-Old Son Hurt In Go-Kart Crash

Kim Zolciak's 6-Year-Old Son Hurt In Go-Kart Crash
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Kane, Kim Zolciak's 6-year-old child, was hurt in a go-kart crash near their home in Atlanta, Georgia, Page Six has learned. The outlet claims the 41-year-old reality star took to her Instagram Story on Thursday and revealed the news. In her IG story, Kim confirmed that her child was ok, according to People Magazine.

On her Instagram Story, Kim said her son, Kane, was driving around their neighborhood in his go-kart and all of a sudden she and Kroy heard a loud crash and bang. She asked Kroy what happened, and when they went outside, they discovered Kane upside down in his kart.

Kim went on to say that her child, luckily, was wearing a helmet so he didn't sustain any serious injuries. The reality star urged her followers on social media to understand the importance of wearing a helmet at all times. "It ultimately saved" Kane's life, the star explained.

Zolciak went on to add she was so bothered by what happened that she had a glass of wine. Kroy gave her a big hug, she cried and then moved past it. The situation led her to recall the incident from 2017 when their dog attacked him, and he had to undergo a surgical procedure.

As fans of Kim know, she is no longer on The Real Housewives of Atlanta , so at least now she has more time to watch over her 6-year-old son. Reported by Nick Markus back in 2019 , Kim insinuated she would never come back to the series, suggesting she was done and over it with it when she finally quit.

It had something to do with her daughter, Ariana. During a conversation with Hollywood Life at BravoCon, Kim explained to the outlet that it was tough for her because her daughter received acceptance letters from many different places.

Kim admitted it was challenging because, on the one hand, she wanted her child to go to college, but on the other, it's hard to see her go. Kim says she asked Ariana if she could just hang out with her forever, and she said to her in response, "f*ck no."

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