Kim Zolciak Was Ordered By Court To Pay $5k After Refusing To Pay For A 2016 Holiday Decor

Kim Zolciak Was Ordered By Court To Pay $5k After Refusing To Pay For A 2016 Holiday Decor

It looks like last Christmas finally caught up with Kim Zolciak and her husband, Kroy Biermann. After a trial in Fulton County, Georgia, they were ordered to pay for last year's Christmas decor.

After Kim and Kroy took some family pics with the Christmas 2016 decorations, they said that they didn't like them. As a result, they refused to pay for them.

When the $6k bill went unpaid, the rumors that Kim and Kroy were having troubles with money popped up especially after Kroy was fired from NFL.

Kim and Kroy have been dodging the bill from Seasonal Designs LLC for a year, and they missed two meetings with the court before the trial.

It was rumored that Kim was trying to put off paying it. Another new story appeared, saying that she was trying to sell off big-ticket items to fans from her social media accounts.

She posted an ad for a large boat which she claimed that was almost new. She also said that only serious buyers could reply to her add. It seems that she needed money to support the kids.

'Everything has a price. I’m just giving it to you straight. Given the right amount of money for anything? Yeah, count me in. I like to work. I have six children to support, so for sure!'

Kim Zolciak made a big fuss over not having to pay the full amount. If you didn't know, the two parties settled the civil lawsuit for $5k.

According to PageSix, Kim and Kroy were compelled to pay for the decorations.

Kim tweeted that she won in court, but Jeanne Rollins of Seasonal Designs LLC said that Kim didn’t win because she has to pay.

'At the trial, we agreed upon a price which was $5,000, and they owed $5,200. I’m picking [the check] up today.'

Kim and Kroy said the original invoice was for $9.5k. On the other hand, in the past statements, they said that the original bill was $6k.

When Kenya Moore was on the Wendy Williams Show, she made sure to also throw shade at Kim by saying that she is currently supporting her unemployed husband. Kim slammed her on Twitter.

'My hubby made more in one year then she has made in her lifetime! #ShesUnemployed hope she can live off her savings.' She added that Kenya and Wendy better not come for her kids or Kroy and that it’s pretty ironic that Kenya had nothing else to talk about except her.


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