Kim Zolciak Under Fire! Fans Claim She Is Deleting Bad Reviews Of Her KAB Cosmetics

Kim Zolciak Under Fire! Fans Claim She Is Deleting Bad Reviews Of Her KAB Cosmetics
Credit: Source: Entertainment Tonight

Kim Zolciak cannot catch a break with her new lip-care line, KAB Cosmetics . Customers continue to bash the Don’t Be Tardy star for a subpar product, and now fans are accusing her of deliberating deleting negative reviews of her lip kit.

Fans have taken to Instagram to voice their frustrations over the allegedly deleted comments and the fact that the company does not list the ingredients of the kit. In response to the overwhelming backlash, KAB commented on several posts and claimed that they have not deleted bad reviews to make their product look better.

“We have not intentionally deleted anything, possibly by mistake or possibly the person who wrote it deleted it. We will be more careful in what we consider spam and try to only delete rude comments,” the company shared.

The explanation did not satisfy customers. In fact, one fan noted that they read two bad reviews that were later removed from the comments section. Some followers also claimed that the reviews that have been deleted were not rude in nature – they were just negative towards the company.

Customers also took issue with how the company did not list the ingredients of their products on social media. To be fair, the ingredients are listed on KAB’s website and are reportedly featured on the products themselves. Even still, that hasn’t stopped customers from bashing Zolciak’s lip kit whenever they get a chance.

According to Radar Online , the lip kits were previously criticized for having terrible quality. Customers slammed the kits for featuring cracked lipstick and claimed that the products did not work as advertised.

To make things even worse, Zolciak was caught lying about promotional images she used when announcing her new lip kit. The reality star deceived fans by posting old images of herself to promote the new product, even though the lipstick she was wearing in the photos was not from KAB Cosmetics. Zolciak later apologized for the misstep and admitted she should not have used the old pics.

Kim Zolciak has not commented on the latest round of negative feedback.


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