Kim Zolciak 'Thrives On' Getting Compared To Daughter Brielle Biermann - She Loves It!

Kim Zolciak 'Thrives On' Getting Compared To Daughter Brielle Biermann - She Loves It!
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Fans on social media have been raving over how much Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle Biermann look alike! It turns out that not only does the matriarch have no problem with that, she really enjoys the comparisons since that means she looks youthful and beautiful in everyone’s eyes.

People say Kim and Brielle look like twins and that seems to be the biggest compliment for the Don’t Be Tardy star.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that for that reason, Kim never stops herself from sharing pics that feature her and her daughter.

‘Kim Zolciak loves when Brielle posts photos of them looking alike. Kim is obsessed with looking young, and she's so thankful when people tell her how much Brielle looks like her. Kim's so obsessed with looking good and she will stop at nothing to always look her best.’

They went on to explain that ‘She knows that she looks great for her age! Kim has absolutely no problem asking Brielle to post pics of them together so that people will compliment her by telling her how much Brielle is her twin. She thrives on it. Brielle thinks her mom's a knockout and hopes to age as flawlessly as her.’

Sure enough, just a couple of days ago, Brielle took to her platform to post a pic of just her mother rocking a cropped sweater and skinny jeans.

Her tiny waist was on display and in the caption, Brielle couldn’t help but gush over ‘how hot’ Kim was.

It makes sense that Kim loves the comparisons so much!

After all, what 40-year-old woman wouldn't want to be called her 22-year-old daughter's twin?

Not to mention that Kim is also a mother of six and is also pressured to always look good since she's in the spotlight. The validation is definitely welcome!


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