Kim Zolciak Reveals It Was The Family Dog Who Viciously Attacked Son Kash - Here's Why She Kept It Anyway!

Kim Zolciak Reveals It Was The Family Dog Who Viciously Attacked Son Kash - Here's Why She Kept It Anyway!
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Earlier in the year, reality TV star Kim Zolciak’s 5-year-old son Kash had to undergo several surgeries after a dog bit his face, almost blinding the boy. We have learned that the animal to blame for the injury was none other than the family pet! What’s even more shocking is that they decided to keep the dog regardless!

Back in April when the scary accident took place, Zolciak and her husband Kroy Biermann chose not to reveal too many details, and now we know precisely why.

In a brand new interview, however, the couple admitted their rescue dog Sinn was the one to attack Kash.

‘It was a like a bad dream. Our dog Sinn’s heavily trained. Kash’s his favorite. It made absolutely no sense to any of us. This is nothing I ever thought I would be dealing with,’ the woman stated.

Kash and six-year-old KJ were playing outside with Sinn while Kroy was using a leaf blower in the yard.

The animal dislikes the blower, and that is why he was already on high alert, Kroy revealed.

The man’s back was on the boys so when he heard the barking and screaming, he first though the child just got scared but upon turning around, he saw his son covered in blood.

His eye couldn’t be seen so he knew he’d need immediate medical care.

And even though Kroy wanted to get rid of the dog for good at first, he decided against that idea.

‘I genuinely felt deep rage for what he’d done to my son. I love my dog, and nothing like this had ever happened to me before. But it is my son. I do not love anything more than my flesh and blood. I thought, ‘I do not want to see the dog — he does not get a second chance.’’

However, apparently, Kash and Sinn had already formed an ‘incredible bond’ throughout the years.

‘Kash loves him. We did not want him to live a life with a phobia of dogs. We wanted him to understand it was not his fault,’ the dad explained.

He might have been right to do so considering the boy did not grow scared of the dog and even asked to see Sinn while in the hospital.

Are you shocked they kept the dog?

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