Kim Zolciak On Daughter Brielle's Plastic Surgery Plans: She Is ‘Out Of Her Mind’

Kim Zolciak On Daughter Brielle's Plastic Surgery Plans: She Is ‘Out Of Her Mind’
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It turns out that Kim Zolciak is not over the moon about her daughter Brielle Biermann’s plastic surgery plans! The 22 year old previously revealed in an interview for HollywoodLife that she’d probably ‘redo’  her entire body and face in the future.

But her mom doesn’t really want her daughter to get anything more done aside from her lip injections.

At least not for a good while!

Brielle insisted during her chat with the news outlet that she is yet to go under the knife but that she is not scared to do so.

When Kim found out about her plans, she was very concerned.

‘Oh my God. She’s out of her mind…Brielle’s out of her mind,’ the mother told the same site.

The reality TV star went on to explain that ‘I always told Brielle, ‘I had six kids.’ But I did not do anything else to my body until after when I had a breast lift after I breastfed all 6 kids. And I had to fix my hernia, so I thought, you might as well try to make everything perfect.’

In fact, it is not out of the ordinary for people to also get a tummy tuck when undergoing hernia surgery.

That means Kim did not really contact a surgeon to have it done, but instead, it was more like a ‘why not?’ situation.

Regardless, Kim has gone under the knife to change her appearance, which is why she is planning on letting her kids do the same, but much later on in life!

‘So I tell them, after you have kids and stuff, you deserve that, and you do that for yourself if that is what makes you happy. But I feel like both of my girls are very confident in their skin at this time. So whatever makes Brielle happy.’

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