Kim Zolciak Moving To Arizona - Details!

Kim Zolciak Moving To Arizona - Details!
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It’s official! Kim Zolciak and her family are moving! According to new reports, Kim, her husband, Kroy Biermann and their kids will all be relocating to Arizona!

Apparently, they are excited to start a new chapter in their lives there!

Furthermore, as it seems, her daughter Ariana was the one who inspired the decision to move since the 18 year old was just accepted to the Arizona State University and they all want to live closer to her.

Ariana Biermann is set to start her freshman year in college this fall and her family members thought this could also be an opportunity for them all to move on to better and bigger things!

Besides, Kim did admit during an older interview with HollywoodLife that she was having a hard time about Ariana moving away.

But no problem! Now they’re all moving with her too!

One source tells the same news outlet that ‘The Biermann family is planning on moving over the summer or late spring to Arizona. What started out as just a joke, and then a potential thought, it quickly became serious. Kim's having a lot of trouble with the idea of Ariana going away for college and feels like nothing's tying her to Atlanta anymore. Ariana's going to go to ASU in the fall and she wants to be closer to her.’

They went on to also note that ‘Kim is really ready for a big change and she loves it there anyways, so it all worked out. It was hard for her when Brielle moved and Ariana is so helpful with the kids, too. They have been looking at homes in a few different areas and they are getting close to buying.’

Most likely, however, the source claims they will still own a house in Atlanta but Arizona is set to become their main home.

While the details are yet to be worked out, Kim and the rest of the Biermanns are really looking forward to this.

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