Kim Zolciak Loves Posting Photos Of Herself - Here's The Reason

Kim Zolciak Loves Posting Photos Of Herself - Here's The Reason
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As everyone who follows Kim Zolciak already knows, the woman adores posting selfies. But this does not come as a surprise for her fans because they know that she's doing this to show off the confidence that she has in herself.

She has recently revealed that she has a large process behind all the pics that end up posted on social media. She said that she's simply doing this because it's all about self-love.

'I think it’s a catch-22. No, I generally don’t. Like, I’m not going to post a picture where I think I look bad, you know. I think I’m only going to post my best picture,' Kim shared.

She continued and explained 'But I really, genuinely, love Kim. I’ve worked really hard to kind of be a positive person, encourage other people, you know, be an incredible mom and wife, and it’s a work in progress every day for me. But I genuinely do love who I am. And I think with that comes confidence.'

As you can see, she was referring at herself while talking in the third person.

She said this while she was on Heather Dubrow's podcast yesterday, December 20.

Kim was recently slammed by her fans after she took to her platform to share two photos in which her lips not only looked plumper than ever but also unnaturally swollen.

People started to criticize her for the excess cosmetic procedure that apparently led to her lips not even looking ‘symmetrical’ anymore.

She didn't respond anything at the haters, but in the past she used to write back, telling everyone that she loves all about herself and this is the only thing that really matters.

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