Kim Zolciak' Latest Photo Of Brielle Biermann Has Fans Saying She's Trying Te Replicate Her Mom With Huge Lips

Kim Zolciak' Latest Photo Of Brielle Biermann Has Fans Saying She's Trying Te Replicate Her Mom With Huge Lips
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Kim Zolciak recently shared a photo of her daughter, Brielle Biermann from the Christmas morning. She seems to have turned off the comments for the pic, but people made their opinions known via The Shade Room which also shared Kim's photo.

'Lips look like they can fold over,' someone commented, while another person wrote 'She looks like her mouth hurts.'

Someone also noted that 'Kim turned them comments off for a reason.'

One follower said that 'Her lips look swollen, that is not a pretty look, she is trying to replicate her mom. She needs to be her own person.'

Someone was curious why women had such cosmetic interventions and posted: 'Why do females think that is cute cause it’s not !!?'

Another follower bashed Kim: '@kimzolciakbiermann isssa JOKE and people will continue to bash her. Any parent would do better by their child. Especially when you have their best interests at heart.'

A commenter joked and said 'So is there an age where white parents are like okay it’s time for your black lips now.'

It was recently reported that Kim took to social media to share two pics in which her lips not only looked more prominent than ever but also unnaturally swollen. As expected, fans slammed her a lot in the comments section .

A lot of followers said that they are completely shocked by Kim's latest look which seems to have been adopted by Brielle these days as well.

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  • Darzy
    Darzy Dec 28, 2018 11:27 AM PST

    They both were so pretty without doing the lip injections! Now they both look like they have BABOON BUTT LIPS. I guess they like looking like that! Just my opinion. They should leave there face alone one day they are going to be sorry. Please stay off the injections.

  • Deborah Wheeler
    Deborah Wheeler Dec 28, 2018 9:43 AM PST

    2 wannabes they're crazy as hell.. Both are plastic faces. And they have lost their minds. Their faces one day going to fall off one day like shattered pieces of glass. Their lips looks like duck lips. Trying to look like sisters. The mom should be a mom instead of her plastic surgery confident U got how many kids and u wasting your time and money on your oldest daughter and yourself to be like twins. What about your other kids college!? It's disgusting to see how far y'all will go with all this plastic surgery.

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