Kim Zolciak Going Broke? Former RHOA Hit With Lawsuit Over Unpaid Credit Card Bill Amid Make-Up Business Backlash

Kim Zolciak Going Broke? Former RHOA Hit With Lawsuit Over Unpaid Credit Card Bill Amid Make-Up Business Backlash
Credit: Source: Bravo

Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak is having trouble paying her bills, and now she finds herself in the middle of a lawsuit because of it. According to a new report, American Express has sued Zolciak after she failed to pay over $215,000 that she racked up in credit card debt.

Radar Online is reporting that American Express National Bank filed a lawsuit against Zolciak in Fulton County Superior Court on November 19, 2018.

“Defendant [Zolciak] agreed to pay and was obligated to pay the Plaintiff for all extended credit on Defendant’s account,” the complaint read. “Pursuant to the parties’ agreement, Plaintiff transmitted to Defendants a monthly billing statement for the account, and Defendant was obligated to pay the minimum payment due as set forth on that statement on a monthly basis.”

The suit also claimed that Zolciak has failed to pay the amount due, and now American Express says she owes them $215,925.90.

The Sheriff served Zolciak and her husband, Kroy Biermann, with a summons on February 9th, and the case is still ongoing.

In addition to the lawsuit, Zolciak is also having trouble with her makeup business, KAB Cosmetics. Fans have been complaining about the poor quality of the reality star’s lip kits - which she launched earlier this month - and Zolciak’s company has received criticism for deleting negative comments about their products on social media.

One fan complained that the pencil is “super hard” and the colors are “nothing like the photos.” Another wrote that their lipstick arrived with a crack down the middle.

KAB responded by saying that they have not intentionally deleted anything, and then they claimed that it was a possible mistake or the person who wrote the negative comment deleted it themselves. The company added that they would try to only delete rude comments.

However, customers didn’t buy the explanation, with many saying they had seen multiple negative comments deleted that were simply honest reviews and nothing rude or insulting.

Fans also complained that KAB Cosmetics wouldn’t disclose their product ingredients on their website like their competitors, but they responded by saying all of their ingredients are on the packaging. And, Radar confirmed that the ingredients are on the company website.

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