Kim Zolciak Back To RHOA? Fans Debate As Nene Leakes Rekindles Their Friendship

Kim Zolciak Back To RHOA? Fans Debate As Nene Leakes Rekindles Their Friendship
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Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak have rekindled their on-again off-again friendship. As the two were unsuccessful at going Live due to Instagram disabling the combination feature, the reality stars interacted with their fans in the comment section.

It seems like Leakes is possibly setting Kim up for a Real Housewives of Atlanta return.

While chatting with her followers, Kim answered the question of would she ever come back as a friend,

She responded: 'I would never come back as a friend.'

However, she left out whether or not she'd return as a full-time cast member.


Kim has always had a hot and cold relationship with the show just as she had with Nene. She is an OG and on great terms with Bravo considering she still has her spin-off Don't Be Tardy going.

Additionally, she is not Kenya Moore's favorite person. Nene would have another person on her team that will bump heads with the Queen of Twirls.

Brielle Biermann recently tweeted that there was no better Housewives duo than Nene and Kim -- many people agreed.

However, when a Housewives fan page brought up the possibility, fan reactions were mixed.

One person wrote: 'If she comes back she better go on every single cast trip and stop being a punk and giving bs excuses as to why she can’t go you got several nannies, and Kroy to watch those damn kids. I’d rather have Sheree back her time was cut for no damn reason.'

Another stated: 'Sure hope not promise if she comes bk I’m never watching again ‼️'

'I prefer she don’t come back and take Nene with her.'

'PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I want her and nene to remind the rest of them IE: Kandi, Kenya and Eva that they’re the reason why they’re able to sit on that couch!'

Would you be here for Kim returning?

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