Kim Kardashian’s Nightmare Continues! Another Robbery?

Kim Kardashian’s Nightmare Continues! Another Robbery?
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Kim Kardashian was recently forced to experience once again the Paris robbery nightmare as an attempted burglary took place only a few minutes away from her mother Kris Jenner’s Hidden Hills home.

As fans already know, Kim K has been going through a lot dealing with the traumatizing event and she even developed PTSD.

In October of last year, Kim Kardahian was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry and held at gun point while in Paris. Until only recently, she has been spending her days locked up in her home, plagued by paranoia that something bad would happen to her.

“It was attempted burglary,” Sgt. Brayden from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported.

“We do contain areas in situations like this.”

A resident of Hidden Hills that witnessed the attempted robbery described what they saw.

“You couldn’t get in or out,” the eyewitness said of the area. “There were cops everywhere and helicopters flooding the skies.”

Back in October, Kim Kardashian was robbed of an estimated $10 million in cash and jewelry.

In January 2017, the French police was able to detain 17 people suspected of being involved in the heist. In the end, ten of them were charged with the crime.

In a police transcript that appeared in Le Monde newspaper, the leader of the heist, Aomar Air Khedache, told police, “So that the jewels wouldn’t be recognized, we took a joint decision to melt them down.”

When it came to Kim Kardashian’s 20 carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring that was also taken along with other expensive items, Aomar said: “We’re all afraid to sell it because it is a stone that’s very easy to identify.”

During the renovation of her and Kanye West’s mansion, Kim Kardashian stayed, along with her two kids in her mother’s home. Because of that reason, she was forced to witness another terrifying heist, but at least it was from afar this time.

Kim Kardashian is determined to get revenge on the robbers that are currently in French custody.


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