Kim Kardashian's Husband Kanye West Skipped Serena Williams' Wedding To Avoid Beyonce

Kim Kardashian's Husband Kanye West Skipped Serena Williams' Wedding To Avoid Beyonce
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It was all a master plan for Kanye West to stay as far away as possible from Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian' lavish wedding that took place in New Orleans earlier this week.

Aware that Beyonce would be present and there was a possibility that her husband, JAY-Z, would also be present, Kim Kardashian and West decided that it would be best for him to stay home.

West and his former mentor and best friend, JAY-Z, have been at odds since the New York rapper decided to skip his lavish wedding in Europe. The duo also had a fallout over business deals and Tidal.

A pal of West said: “It was no accident that Kanye chose to avoid Serena’s wedding. Kanye is not particularly close with Serena, or her husband, who are more Kim’s friends, so Kanye opted out of what he felt may be an awkward evening for him. Kanye knew that Beyoncé, a close friend of Serena’s, would likely be at the wedding which might make for an uncomfortable situation.”

The friend added: “Kanye still has a lot of unresolved issues with Beyoncé and her husband. So, Kanye told Kim that he was going to sit this one out as to prevent causing a scene and risk stealing attention away from Serena’s big day, which Kim agreed was the smart decision.”

Another source of conflict between the power couples is Taylor Swift.

Beyonce reportedly loved the diss tracks Swift dropped against West on her Reputation album.

A different insider claimed: “Beyonce loves Taylor’s new album.She is sitting back, sipping her tea, listening to all the new songs while trying to decipher the lyrics. Beyonce is feeling Taylor’s new stuff and can relate to a lot of what Taylor is singing about. Beyonce has been through a lot and writes about her struggles too, so she appreciates that Taylor throws it all out there."

The friend went on to say: “Bey also loves the entertaining Kimye diss tracks. Beyonce is like anyone else, and she appreciates some juicy drama like the beef between Taylor and Kanye. She thinks Taylor’s new album is done well and none of the disses are overly mean-spirited, so she is here for it all.”

Fans of Beyonce say the legendary artist has no time for all of this drama.

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