Kim Kardashian's Hairdresser Shares Photos Of The Reality Star With Different Hair Colors And Styles

Kim Kardashian's Hairdresser Shares Photos Of The Reality Star With Different Hair Colors And Styles
Credit: Source: Chris Appleton/Instagram

Kim Kardashian's hairdresser, Chris Appleton, is making the best use of his time during the Coronavirus pandemic. He's the owner of Color Wow Hair and has been offering help and solutions for those who are stuck at home, unable to get their hair fixed. The celebrity stylist works on some of the most famous heads of hair and he's known for creating amazing looks on Kim Kardashian. Now he is asking fans to look at a number of photos with Kim wearing different hair colors and let him know which color they prefer best.

Kim has also remarked on her social media accounts that she's contemplating changing her hair color once the pandemic ends and stylists like Chris Appleton are open again for business. So far, it seems that many people really prefer the blonde look on Kim and she has mentioned going black blonde several times. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner change their hair color frequently. Both are fans of extensions and can easily go from a bob to waist length hair or longer.

Since the Coronavirus lockdown, Kim has been focused more on her daughter's hair than her own. She even stated that she was going to use the time to learn more hairstyles for both of her daughters — North West, 6, and Chicago West, 2.

You may see the post that Chris Appleton shared on his official Instagram account, where he asked people to vote on their favorite hair color on Kim Kardashian below.

Many people have stated they liked the long, blonde hair on Kim best and the red, should-length bob the least.

Chris Appleton demonstrates many hairstyles via his tutorials on his official YouTube channel and he's considered to have one of the best hair YouTube channels on the web. In the tutorial below, he demonstrates how to make "Ho Chocolate Waves" and the look is one that Kim Kardashian frequently wears.

Chris explains the products he uses to create a finished look that is glossy and shiny as well.

What do you think about Chris Appleton's hair tutorials? Are you a fan of his work?

What is your favorite Kim Kardashian hair color?

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