Ray J And Princess Love Say Conceiving A Child Is "Not As Easy As You Think"

Ray J And Princess Love Say Conceiving A Child Is "Not As Easy As You Think"
Credit: Source: Billboard.com

Celebrity Insider reported earlier that Ray J and his wife, Princess Love, announced on today's episode of The Real, that he and Love are expecting a child together. The 36-year-old singer said, "love is on my mind. Love is in my heart, Princess and I are expecting."

Ray J and Love are expecting to have their first baby on the 17th of January, which is also the birthday of the singer. Not long after the announcement, Princess shared a photo of her baby bump on her social media.

She wrote it's a "blessing from God" to carry a baby. Additionally, she explained her reluctance to update her fans on the news because it's "bad luck" to announce too early.

However, she wanted her friends to know "we're so proud to share this journey with you guys," and thanks for all of the love and prayers.

Last year, in August, Ray J and Love got married at the Vibiana in Los Angeles, California. She said to People Magazine in an interview shortly after their wedding: "I just love him to the point where it doesn't matter what he does."

The pair shared their struggle with conceiving a child during VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. She explained "it's not as easy as people think," and that certainly makes sense considering the age of the singer and reality star.

Princess Love is 33-years-old, and Ray J is 36-years-old, making them actually quite fortunate to be able to conceive at such an age. Congratulations to Ray and his wife for their pregnancy.

As you may already know, Ray J and Kim Kardashian dated back in 2006. They made a sex tape together which an unidentified person leaked to the public, but many thought it was merely a publicity stunt.

Coincidentally, Kanye and Kim are expecting a baby as well via surrogate. Kim Kardashian - who is 37-years-old - explained her situation on an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. She explained, due to her illness from her prior pregnancies, it would be unsafe to have children. As a result, Kanye and Kim eventually decided on a surrogate to conceive their child.


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