Kim Kardashian's Ex-Assistant Stephanie Shepherd Has Moved On! - She Got Her Own Modeling Gig

Kim Kardashian's Ex-Assistant Stephanie Shepherd Has Moved On! - She Got Her Own Modeling Gig

Stephanie Shepherd is back on top. Not long after parting ways with Kim Kardashian as her stylist, Stephen landed her very own modeling gig for a jewelry company. Shepherd is no stranger to the beauty industry, and the photographs showcasing her skills makes that fact self-evident.

The company she's working for is called 8 Other Reasons, a jewelry line and Stephanie is starring in its "Woman" collection, inspired by the recent movement surrounding women's rights.

Reportedly, it's focus is for the "empowerment" of strong and independent women everywhere. Additionally, most of the items are between $20 and $200, making them products which are within reach of most Americans.

As it was previously reported, Kim and Stephanie began working together back in 2013, and Shepherd wanted a better position within the company, and for that reason, Kim had to let her go.

A source close to the couple stated, "Kim gave her the chance to show what skills she had for that particular aspect of the business, and it became clear that she just didn't have the necessary knowledge."

The insider explained that while their professional relationship deteriorated, Stephanie is still close with the other Kardashians, especially Kourtney.

During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim talked about her relationship with Shepherd and revealed their collaboration was one of immense importance.

Fortunately, for Stephanie, her exposure with the family amassed her a following on Instagram of over one million, making her a star in her own right. Either way, Shepherd's relationship with Kim, while not being as prominent as it once was, played a crucial role in Shepherd's later success.


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