Kim Kardashian Wins $2.7 Million In Missguided Lawsuit - Here Are All The Details

Kim Kardashian Wins $2.7 Million In Missguided Lawsuit - Here Are All The Details
Credit: BET

It seems that the Missguided retailer found itself in hot water after using Kim Kardashian's likeness to see its merch. People should know by now that if you are using Kim's image to sell knockoffs, you should be ready for war...or at least to pay up.

According to The Shade Room, Kim is currently enjoying her latest victory in court over fast-fashion retailer Missguided, which seems to have used her likeness to sell its merchandise.

TSR writes that 'It’s no secret that practically anything Kim wears gets duplicated by dozens of fast fashion retailers at record speed—but while she may not be able to control that, she definitely has a say in which companies can use her image to boost sales.'

TMZ also reported that Kim won in court recently when she was awarded $2.7 million in damages and more.

The news triggered a massive debate in the comments with some people bashing Kim for using the likeness of dark-skinned people herself and more. You can see some of the comments below.

Someone brought up Jordyn Woods and said, 'Waiting for Jordyn woods to sue her for using her name to make money and high TV ratings. 🙄'

Another follower said, 'Can us Melanin Sisters sue her🤔 for using OUR likeness?....nvm.'

One follower posted: 'You don’t have to like the Kardashian’s but I respect them okay 😂 they get to their bag in way more ways than one! It’s inspiring honestly.'

Someone else wrote, 'You sound dumb as hell. She’s sued because they were using pictures of her to boost sales not because they copied outfits she’s worn. And regardless of what you feel, she got to yet another bag.😭'

Someone believes that 'Now she should donate it to up and coming designers because she doesn’t need it 🤷🏾‍♂️💯'

What do you think about all this?

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