Kim Kardashian Will Not Allow KUWTK To Film Kanye West And The Kids Amidst The Massive Drama

Kim Kardashian Will Not Allow KUWTK To Film Kanye West And The Kids Amidst The Massive Drama
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Kim Kardashian 's family is facing a really difficult time these days, with her hubby finding himself all over the media following recent events. Kanye West was reportedly getting ready to run for the US President. He went  on with his plans  to run for the U.S. President.

Recently, Ye held his first presidential event in South Carolina on Sunday, but had a breakdown that made everyone  concerned about his state of mind .

Unfortunately, he also  blasted Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in his tweets as well. He said that Kim was trying to lock him up, he accused her of being unfaithful and he also said that he's been trying to divorce her.

Now, The Shade Room is back with more news about the tormented family. It seems that Kim does not want to allow KUWTK cameras to film her hubby and the kids these days.

TSR noted that Kim is reportedly refusing to let the cameras for their hit show film Kanye or their kids right now.

'KUWTK is not documenting any of Kanye’s current bipolar episode, an order that came from Kim herself, production sources told @tmz_tv,' TSR reported.

TSR continued and explained that 'As soon as Kanye started exhibiting bizarre behavior, Kim made the decision none of it would be used as a storyline on the show, sources said. The cameras had just recently started rolling again after a lengthy break due to the coronavirus pandemic.'

Sources also said that Kim is not joking around when it comes to her family's well being and she will definitely not exploit this terrible situation for the sake of ratings.

Here are some of the fans' opinions.

A follower said: 'Let’s be clear, Kanye won’t let them film Kanye. BUT regarding the kids, I should hope not!' and someone else posted this: 'Kinda sounds more like a Kanye request but what do I know 🤷🏾‍♂️.'

One commenter wrote: 'This matters, well done. You have to have some sort of line and boundaries.'

Someone else posted: 'This is a sensitive topic. However, this is exactly what Kourtney been tryna tell them. I hope now they understand every part of your life is not for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.'

A fan wrote: 'This is a smart PR move, makes the public this she cares about her family more than her tv show. Which from prior actions and family history everything is for the cameras.'


Kanye is getting all the support he can get these days.

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