Kim Kardashian Will Meet With Trump Again After He Commuted Three Women's Sentences

Kim Kardashian Will Meet With Trump Again After He Commuted Three Women's Sentences
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Kim Kardashian West is continuing to flex her political muscles. A report from People Magazine recently revealed that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star would be headed back to Capitol Hill to meet with the controversial president of the USA, Donald Trump.

Fans of the cosmetics and TV entrepreneur know she's currently in the middle of becoming a lawyer, and prison reform is her number one priority. On Wednesday morning, the KUWTK star claimed she would be meeting the president in DC.

Additionally, Alice Marie Johnson, whom Kim had previously helped free, will join her in the fight. Kim and Trump reportedly worked together to have her sentence commuted back in 2018, in addition to three other incarcerated females.

On her Twitter, Kim said that the president commuted the sentences of three different women. She went on to say that she didn't hear much about it on the news, so she took it upon herself to reveal what Trump had done.

While Kim has certainly had her fair share of detractors, many people have praised her for her recent move toward activism, specifically, prison reform.

During an interview with Vogue this past year, Kim revealed she had started studying for the bar exam and had also started a four-year apprenticeship with a firm in San Francisco. While Kim did go to Pierce College in Los Angeles, she never received her diploma.

California and three other states offer a path for citizens to pass the bar without going to law school, or apprenticing with a lawyer or judge. Reportedly, she has to pass her first test before she can go on to three more years of apprenticeship and study.

This past month, she also appeared on Good Morning America to explain how she has been doing in terms of her legal career. The reality star stated, "I'm about to take the baby bar in a few months," adding that it "feels good," having finished the first year. The reality star admitted it was really challenging.

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