Kim Kardashian 'Vogue India' Cover Controversy: 'We Have Beautiful Indian Women'

Kim Kardashian 'Vogue India' Cover Controversy: 'We Have Beautiful Indian Women'
Source: Kim Kardashian Vogue India

Kim Kardashian covers Vogue India and not everyone is thrilled.  Many Indian women took to social media today in protest and outcry that the American reality star is featured in the magazine instead of women of Indian heritage and ethnicity.

The controversy grew louder as the day wore on and many women protested that there were many beautiful Indian women who should have the honor of being featured on the cover instead of Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is American-born and has European ancestry on her mother's side and Armenian ancestry through her paternal lineage. There have never been any public reports indicating any of the Kardashians have Indian ethnicity.

While Kim drew praise for looking beautiful and wearing traditional Indian clothing such as the lehenga skirt, many simply couldn't get past the fact that she's not Indian.

The Kardashians have often been the subject of allegations of cultural appropriation with African-American culture, but this is something a bit different. This time Vogue India was slammed for the decision to feature an American who is not Indian in a magazine specifically tailored in its appeal to Indian women.

According to the response on social media, Indian women are fine with seeing Kim Kardashian on television and online, but in a magazine that targets their culture and tastes, they preferred to see Indian women displayed.

Many women who participated in the controversy expressed they felt that Indian women are already being overlooked by mainstream, American society and the decision to put Kim Kardashian on the cover didn't help.

This marked Kim Kardashian's first time working with Vogue India. Some hope it will be her last.

Though it was Kim Kardashian's first time on the cover of Vogue India, her sister Kendall Jenner graced the magazine. That decision was controversial as well. Some even suggested that while people are trying to become more diversified, this isn't the type of action that's needed. Many expressed the belief that Indian women need more exposure, not less.

There's no question that the majority of readers do not approve of the Kardashians monopolizing their magazine.

What do you think about the decision to have Kim Kardashian cover Vogue India?


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  • Valerie Alexander-Simmons
    Valerie Alexander-Simmons Feb 28, 2018 9:46 AM PST

    I personally agree with the Indian culture...they want to see more beautiful faces of their own...I have biracial in my family and we look for beautiful women of Indian and African American to look at and admire....we relate to that beauty much more than European culture...America needs to stop trying to force white beauty on the cover of our magazines...this is why we have our own...we want and need to relate to our beauty!!! Keep your own looks on your mags, we are looking towards encouraging our daughters to look at their own beautiful ethnicity and emerge as beautiful women of color...white women cannot help us look beautiful....every ethnic has beautiful women to look up to and encourage our daughters on how to become beautiful women of their cultures. Yessss! Stay in your own lane....we are all beautiful and we need to see much more of our own culture beauty!!!!

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