Kim Kardashian Tries To Bury Kevin Cooper's Case Backlash With Cute True Thompson, Stormi Webster, And Chicago West Picture

Kim Kardashian Tries To Bury Kevin Cooper's Case Backlash With Cute True Thompson, Stormi Webster, And Chicago West Picture
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Kim Kardashian seems to be shifting her career in a new direction -- she has been playing detective/lawyer, apparently convinced that she is able to solve an old cold murder case.

However, it looks like the celebrity might be going a bit too far in her attempts to more fame, as Mary Ann Hughes, the mother of the victim has expressed disgust at the fact that the old memory was brought up in a way like this.

Hughes' 11-year-old son, Christopher, was murdered during a sleepover at a neighbor’s home in California in 1983.

Kevin Cooper was convicted of killing Christopher, the neighbors, Doug and Peggy Ryen, and their daughter, Jessica, with a hatchet.

According to what Kardashian has stated so far, she appears to believe that the person convicted of the murder -- Cooper -- was not the one actually responsible.

She was reportedly seen hugging Cooper as he was smiling in prison. Cooper is currently on death row on account of the murder he was successfully convicted of.

However, it appears that the victim’s family agreed with the official conviction, and were eager to see justice.

They have expressed their disappointment towards Kim for her recent behavior, and for her apparent desperate attempts to maintain the spotlight on herself.


Whether the conviction will be overturned is hard to tell -- it would be a rare example.

However, many online commenters seem to agree with the victim’s mother, claiming that Kardashian should stick to what she does best -- posing for the camera.

If there was a reason to believe that the conviction was not justified, professional investigators would have likely uncovered something by now.

Moreover, in any case, many seem to believe that Kardashian is not a right candidate for something like this in the first place.

Meanwhile, Kardashian is trying to change the conversation by posting sweet photos of babies True Thompson, Stormi Webster, and Chicago West.

One person said: "It was a Stormi ⚡️night 🌒 on the North side of Chicago 🌃. Penelope had woken up from a bad Dream 😴. Mason stood watchful 👀 over all the little ones. Restless Reign jumped on the bed 🛏, humming a beautiful Psalm 🎵 from The Book of Saint 🙏. This story 📖 was inspired by True events 🤥."

Another wrote: "Chicago the prettiest of them cute babies like if u think chi z the cutest of them all."

This supporter shared: "Chicago is literally the most beautiful baby in the world. Like I can’t. They are all so beautiful, but you can tell True has more black in her, probably because her mom is half black 🤔."

Will Kim get in trouble for this after helping a few other inmates in the past?

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