Kim Kardashian terrified the audience with a black mask at a Balenciaga dinner

Kim Kardashian terrified the audience with a black mask at a Balenciaga dinner
Credit: dailymail

In Paris, there was a Balenciaga show, where we saw not only super-models but also the stars of moderen show business, such as Dua Lipa, Nicole Kidman, Renata Litvinova, and Kim Kardashian .

Speaking of the latter, we can safely say that recently the businesswoman seemed to have a second wind, and she is not afraid of bright and outrageous images.

It is worth noting that for Kardashian, the Balenciaga show is a loud statement in the catwalk fashion world because, for the past few years, she has been only a guest at such events.

However, the powerful success was almost instantly replaced by a terrible failure: at the end of the show, namely at the Balenciaga dinner, Kim Kardashian appeared in a silver-black floor-length dress with sequins, and everything would have been fine if the star had not decided to complement her image with a creepy black mask.

Of course, this appearance of Kim at the dinner caused a lot of controversial comments. Someone praised the star for her courage and excellent physical shape, but most were horrified by her appearance of Kardashian.

She looked like a black widow with a Dementor face, her mask expressing nothing but emptiness. “ It reminds me of American Horror Story. Not impressive, totally boring”, wrote users on social networks.

Fans also asked Kim to get rid of the habit of wearing masks, which was rather ironic advice because it seems that the star is trying to hide personal complexes or, on the contrary, signal her own feelings with the help of such unusual accessories.

Many were also worried about whether Kardashian managed to have dinner during the event because, with a mask, it was quite difficult to do.


Kim announced: 'I'm not trying to lose weight anymore but I have more energy than before. I cut out a lot of sugar, a lot of junk food that I was eating.


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