Kim Kardashian Teaches How To Conceal Under Eye Circles In New Makeup Tutorial — Watch It Now

Kim Kardashian Teaches How To Conceal Under Eye Circles In New Makeup Tutorial — Watch It Now
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/YouTube

Kim Kardashian is teaching people how to conceal under-eye circles in a new makeup tutorial that coincides with her latest KKW Beauty release. Previously, KKW Beauty recommended a three-step program to conceal under-eye circles but now they recommend a four-step method. The four steps are correct, conceal, bake, and brighten. Kim demonstrated the new method using her latest products in a YouTube video that she shared with her 1.74 million subscribers.

The new system comes in four shades and is designed to combat blue and purple tones that appear under the eye due to dark circles and other pigment changes. The first step is to correct the discoloration by applying a shade to combat the underlying blue and purple tones. In the video below, you can see as Kim applies a vivid, orange shade to her under-eye area.

The corrector doesn't need to be used only under the eye either. It can be applied to other areas of the face prone to discoloration that needs correction. Once the corrector is applied, it is lightly blended with a face sponge. The four corrector shades include pink, peach, orange, and deep-orange red.

The second step is to conceal. The concealer is applied over the corrector and consists of a lighter shade that will add a nice highlight to the under-eye area. Since the concealer works as a highlighter, you can apply it to spots where you would normally highlight the face such as the center of the nose, the center of the forehead, and the center of the chin. You would also apply the concealer over any areas you put the corrector then blend by gently dabbing with a beauty blender sponge.

The concealer is available in twenty shades including 0- pale with cool undertones, 4.5 light with neutral undertones, 15.5 deep dark with neutral undertones, and 17 rich deep with neutral undertones.

The third step is to bake and the collection features a special baking powder that was formulated specifically for this purpose. Baking not only absorbs oils, but it sets and seals the corrector and concealer that you've already applied. The bake powders are available in four shades. They are 1 translucent, 2 translucent pastel pink, 3 translucent pale yellow, and 4 translucent bronze.

The fourth and final step is to brighten the area. The brightening pressed powders add a radiant, luminescence to the under-eye area. The brightening powders come in four shades: 1 vanilla, 2 pastel pink, 3 pale yellow, 4 peach.

You may see Kim Kardashian's tutorial showing how to use the system to correct under-eye circles below.

What do you think about Kim's new makeup system? Are you going to try it?


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