Kim Kardashian Supports The Release Of Corey Miller

Kim Kardashian Supports The Release Of Corey Miller
Credit: BET

Kim Kardashian continues her fight against injustice. The latest move that she made has a lot of people praising her. Check out the latest reports coming from The Shade Room.

'Kim Kardashian has joined the #FreeCoreyMiller movement. She shared her support for the release of Corey Miller who is best known by his stage name #CMurder. He was arrested for a murder back in 2002 and later sentenced to life in prison. However, since then the witness in the case has recanted their statement!!' TSR wrote.

Someone said: 'like her or not she’s done a lot for the black community,' and another follower posted this message: 'Show us more support by locking your husband in a basement until elections are over!'

A commenter said: 'Gotta give credit where credit is due! Good for her for using her platform to help 👌'

Someone else posted this: 'Why is it when black folks say something it’s not really a big deal but let a white person say something...' and a commenter said: 'Black people are ungrateful to this woman her family it’s sad.'

Another follower posted this message: 'Meanwhile her spouse is running amok in these political streets. I wish she would make sure he’s medicated.'

A person said this about Kim: 'Girl bye ... she’s doing good deeds to balance out the bad she’s doing behind closed doors I don’t trust em,' and someone else posted: 'She needs to stop trying to be a hero, and get Breonna Taylor’s killers arrested first.'

Someone else also throws shade at Kim: 'I’m so tired of the performative activism from this yamp. She waits til people have a decade’s worth of support with countless volunteers to slap her name on the case and take all the credit because she has people like Trump in her corner. Kewns eat this up, though.'


In other news, while their family trip was reportedly all about their young ones, one insider claims that  Kim Kardashian  and  Kanye West  are totally fine as well!


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