Kim Kardashian Submits To International Backlash And Renames Her Kimono Line

Kim Kardashian Submits To International Backlash And Renames Her Kimono Line
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According to a report from Page Six, following the accusations of cultural appropriation against Kim Kardashian regarding her Kimono series, the reality star came out on social media to say she was changing the name of her new fashion line.

The 38-year-old found herself in trouble with social media users after she created a company, a shapewear organization, called Kimono. Last year, Kim filed the trademark for the company in reference to various products, including kimonos, shapewear, and various undergarments.

Social media users began the hash-tag online, #KimOhNo, and urged for the reality star to change the name of the products. Initially, Kim chose to stand her ground against her critics, however, this Monday, it appears she has rescinded on that choice.

You can check out the reality star's social media post below, in which she explains her decision to change the name as a consequence of listening attentively to her critics. "Thank you for your understanding and support always," the 38-year-old finished off her letter.

Reportedly, things took a turn for the worse when the mayor of Kyoto, Japan, wrote an open letter to Kim in which he explained the "rich cultural heritage" from which the Japanese outfit comes. According to the organization, Japan Today, Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa is known for sporting a kimono during outings.

At first, Kim was hesitant to change the name of the product line, probably due to the fact this isn't the first time she has been criticized online. However, once Japanese leaders responded to the controversy, it's possible Kim realized she may have actually upset people, rather than a small minority on Twitter.

In a statement to the New York Times last week, Kim said she understands and has "deep respect" for the kimono as well as its place in Japanese culture. As it was noted above, Kim and the rest of the Kar-Jenner clan are no stranger to a social media backlash.

Previously, Kendall and Kylie came under fire for superimposing pictures of their faces over copyrighted images, including the face of Jim Morrison, The Notorious BIG, Ozzy Osbourne, and a few others. Other activists have accused the Kardashian sisters of promoting unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards to impressionable young people.


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