Kim Kardashian Steals Kylie Jenner's Hairdo In Stunning New Selfie

Kim Kardashian Steals Kylie Jenner's Hairdo In Stunning New Selfie
Credit: @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian just stunned her fans on Instagram when she posted a photo where she wore her hair exactly like her younger sis Kylie Jenner wears. Some people would even say they looked like twins!

The KUWTK star promoted her KKW Fragrance on August 26 and posted a photo of herself looking amazing. Kim styled her dark brown hair in a ponytail and captioned her photo with the following description.

“💥No matter what look I do I top it off with spraying my fave perfume @kkwfragrance crystal gardenia💥.”

Indeed, the photo oh her was 💥! She wore a short-sleeved orange t-shirt and dark brown bottoms, the outfit hugging her curves.

Her fans were quick to tell the star that she had “such a beautiful look,” and that she was a “goddess.” The comment section is filled with heart and heart-eyed emojis. Another fan joked “you look soooooo much like Kim kardashian here!!”

Ladies shared their love towards the perfume as well, saying: “that’s my fav too Kim 😊 but I keep losing it! I’ve lost 2 bottles! 😭” Other fans agreed that crystal gardenia was their favorite fragrance from KKW Fragrance.

We do not know exactly who inspired who when it comes to the ponytail style, but we all know Kylie Jenner did turn a lot of heads when she had the hairdo on the red carpet and on Instagram.

Kylie made it clear that she loves this hairstyle when she styled her daughter’s hair in an adorable video. On April 6, Kylie shared a video on Instagram while she was styling Stormi ’s (2) curls. She captioned the video with the description “hair by mommy and it’s getting sooo long.”


The Kardashian -Jenner family certainly rocks this up-do, and it’s cute to see it being passed down to toddlers too. Stormi will certainly own this look when she grows up!


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