Kim Kardashian Spotted Getting Ice Cream At McDonald's

Kim Kardashian Spotted Getting Ice Cream At McDonald's
Credit: Source Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is known for her million-dollar lifestyle but on Friday night, she was spotted being very down to earth and relatable. Wearing a lavender hoodie over her head, no makeup, Yeezy sneakers and some loose sweat pants, Kim Kardashian was spotted going to McDonald's where she spent a whole $1 on a vanilla ice cream cone.

Photos of Kim with the ice cream cone went viral and fans were surprised to see her being so down-to-earth. The 38-year-old mother of four walked into the fast-food joint to get the ice cream cone and photos showed her walking across the parking lot going back to her car.

Fans can't get over that Kim wasn't just at McDonald's but she went makeup-free as well. Kim purchased the ice cream after a day of work at SKIMS.

Some have wondered if Kim really craved a vanilla ice cream cone or if she was advertising the new line of sneakers that Yeezy is soon to release.

Kim wore the Yeezy basketball Quantum sneakers that feature thin silver, metallic stripes on the sides.

You may see the photos of Kim Kardashian-West enjoying the ice cream cone below.

Kim has been spotted lately wearing more laid back clothes and last week was spotted wearing olive green slouchy pants with a grey hoodie and olive green bomber-style coat. There's no doubt that Kim Kardashian is Kanye's best model and every time she wears his clothes she is bringing him free advertising, her latest styles have gone viral and are bringing the Yeezy brand more attention.

The olive, bomber jacket is called the Yeezy flight jacket. Kim also paired the outfit with another pair of Yeezy trainers. Kim's casual, streetwear look is going viral and many people love her laid-back looks as much as they enjoy the more glamorous styles.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's styles? Do you prefer her laid back and casual looks compared to her being dressed up? Are you surprised to see her out and about Los Angeles doing typical things such as going to McDonald's to buy ice cream? Were you surprised to see Kim Kardashian fresh-faced and make-up free?

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