Kim Kardashian Speaks About The Hardships She Faces When Dealing With Raising Her Children In America

Kim Kardashian Speaks About The Hardships She Faces When Dealing With Raising Her Children In America
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Kim Kardashian opened up about the struggles she had to face during her campaign to bring more attention to the case of Rodney Reed and his death sentence penalty.

Following the media personality’s efforts and some recently discovered evidence, the execution was put on hold for the time being.

The 51-year-old Rodney Reed was charged with the rape, abduction, and murder of 19-year-old Stacey Stites back in 1996, but throughout the years, he has always insisted that he was not responsible for the crime.

Kardashian sent her plea to Texas Governor Greg Abbott via Twitter in October and asked him to do the right thing. She also made sure to make thorough research before including herself in the case.

Kardashian also explained that she thought that bringing the matter to public attention could be of positive effect on the case, and this is why she did it.

The beauty mogul stated that she was very excited about the amount of support the case gathered over time, referring to the many petitions that were created to help the convicted person.

Since Kardashian’s act of raising awareness went public, millions of people signed their votes against the execution of Reed, including other celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and Meek Mill, who took it to social media to show their support.

The new evidence that was brought to the court recently turned out to be statements from a witness that supported Reed’s plea that he is innocent.

Kardashian also urged it was very vital that every side is considered before reaching a final verdict.

She explained the matter was of such importance to her because she wanted her children to live in a world that was “as safe and as fair as possible.”

The reality TV star confessed: "When you become a mom, you become so protective. You want to make their world the most perfect place ever, hopefully, and ours obviously isn’t. And I definitely see how, especially like black men, are treated in this country, still differently. And I’m raising two black men.”

Kardashian also spoke about Reed’s reaction to the news: “It was extremely emotional, and he said, ‘Praise Jesus.” And he said it so just, I could just feel his soul when he said that. I will usually go to the length of speaking with either the person or their family members and my group of attorneys before I do something like that. I really am strategic when I am tweeting about someone’s life. You know, sometimes I think attention could help. I never want to do anything if I feel like it can hinder a case.”

Kim is getting more political.

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