Kim Kardashian Shares North West’s Homemade Music Video And It Is Adorable!

Kim Kardashian Shares North West’s Homemade Music Video And It Is Adorable!
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Kim Kardashian has shared North West's homemade music video with her followers, and it is adorable. The proud mama let her fans know this is what happens when she is on maternity leave.

Kanye West and Kardashian welcomed their fourth child and second son last Friday. They have not shared the little guy's name or a picture of him yet. Instead, the reality TV star is keeping social media entertained with posts and videos of her other kids doing super cute activities.

North definitely has her father's musical talent. The fashionista busts various moves in the video, which she choreographed all on her own. Kardashian makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the video set to the Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus tune. Almost six-year-old North is adorable in a Jessie, from Toy Story, costume.

The family's hallway sets the scene for the oldest West child to get her groove on. North is not shy at all about being filmed. In fact, the young lady appears to be entirely in her element as she dances and lip-syncs the words to the song throughout the video.

This is not the first time North has wowed people with her musical and dancing abilities. Recently she took the mic at one of her father's Sunday Church Services, stealing the entire show. North became the star of the day as she jammed out with her dad and the gospel choir on stage.

Kim Kardashian West may have a newborn baby in the house, but she is making sure her other children get the attention they need. She was more than thrilled to film her oldest daughter in her first homemade home music video.

It is hard to tell if North West is going to be a musician like her dad or a fashion trendsetter like her mother. The little girl is already extremely talented in both areas. There are several times she has put an outfit together looking just as stylish as her famous mom.

North West does not appear to be fazed by having a baby brother. She is still doing her own thing and blowing up Kardashian's social media.

The young girl certainly likes the spotlight, which is perfect considering she is part of the reality TV-loving family. Wonder when per parents will give in and let her appear more on Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

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