Kim Kardashian Shares New Bathing Suit Photos As She Covers Vogue Arabia

Kim Kardashian Shares New Bathing Suit Photos As She Covers Vogue Arabia
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is making headlines again after gracing the cover of Vogue Arabia with three unique looks. In addition to her three Vogue Arabia covers for September, Kim also shared a series of swimsuit photos on her official Instagram account that are going viral. Kim has 147 million Instagram followers who are thrilled to see the reality star on the magazine. Photos that Kim shared from her Vogue shoot have nearly two million likes and continue to go viral as they are shared across social media networks.

Though Kim didn't add a geo location to her bathing suit pictures, it appears they were taken on her recent vacation to the Bahamas. Kim is wearing the same silver, metallic bathing suit that matched the suits of her daughters North West and Chicago West in an earlier picture. The photos of Kim in her swimsuit are also going viral and one of them shows Kim floating carefree on her back surrounded by the beautiful pristine waters as she seems to be completely relaxed.

You may see Kim Kardashian's bathing suit photos below.

Kim's sister and mother recently covered Vogue Arabia but now it's Kim's turn to grace the cover. The photoshoot is surreal and you may notice that in the pictures, Kim's figure is accentuated to highlight the surrealness of her proportions. In some of the pictures, you get a very Salvador Dali feel and it seems he could have been guiding the eye of photographer Txema Yeste while whispering visions to set designer Cristina Ramos.

Kim shared 10 amazing photos, including the three Vogue covers, in an Instagram post where the pictures have recevied praise for their creativity, style, and uniqueness. You may see the photos from Kim's Vogue Arabia photoshoot below.

In addition to Kim's newest Instagram photos and magazine covers, she continues to study for her law degree and is busy with her beauty and shapewear business.

Kim recently stirred controversy when she named her shapewear "Kimono" and people slammed her for cultural appropriation. Kim couldn't deny the backlash and ultimately changed the name of her shapewear. It is now called Skims. Skims are all-inclusive and will fit women of varying sizes from petite to plus. what do you think of Kim's newest photos?

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