Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Photo Of The New Jenneration: Stormi And Chicago

Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Photo Of The New Jenneration: Stormi And Chicago
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

There's a new Jenneration in town and it consists of the Kardashian and Jenner clan. On February 1, 2019, Stormi Webster turned one, just two weeks after Kim's own daughter Chicago West celebrated her first birthday. Chicago West was born on January 15, 2018, and the two cousins appear more like sisters. Fans are curious how the next Jenneration will be raised and what will be in store for Stormi, Chicago, and True as well as their other cousins over the next 18 years. Judging from the public's response to a photo Kim Kardashian shared of the two tots, there is going to be high demand for everything these children do.

The photo went viral on Instagram and has more than 4 million likes with many people comparing similarities between the two tots.

Kim recently shared photos from Chicago's "Alice in Onederland" themed party but fans and followers were thrilled to see the picture showing Stormi and Chicago together.

As the girls had matching walkers it appears they really are being treated more like sisters than cousins. It's unclear how many duplicate or matching items Chicago and Stormi have but it seems likely they will eventually be photographed exhibiting more similarities.

While there was plenty of positive reactions and response in the more than 18,000 comments, some took issue with the fact that Kim Kardashian photographed the girls in walkers.

Walkers used to be very commonplace and mothers use them to help assist babies who are learning how to walk. They have become controversial as they've led to accidents over the past. As infants become more mobile they can accidentally knock things over, pull things off shelves, or even tip over.

Now, many doctors recommend that parents use stationary activity centers where children can strengthen their legs, bounce up and down, or even move from side-to-side in their seat. Many of these activity centers have attached toys, introduce babies to letters and numbers and play music.

Though people left rude comments and started engaging in trolling behavior but other fans put them in their place.

What do you think of the adorable photo of Stormi and Chicago? Do you agree with those who think children shouldn't use walkers anymore?


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